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CLA Tonalin Natural Factors Review

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Natural Factors CLA Tonalin aims to prohibit fat cells from filling up by interfering with particular fat storing enzymes. It aims to increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin, therefore helping the body burn more fat as well as boosting metabolism. Like other CLA products, it promises to help increase lean muscle mass.


Natural Factors CLA Tonalin contains Tonalin CLA blend as well as gelatin, glycerin, purified water and caramel. There is not a stated active percentage of CLA, which makes it hard to compare to other similar products on the market, however, it does claim to offer 1000mg, which is the common amount.


Natural CLA Tonalin gives clear and concise instructions regarding its usage and should be taken before meals, taking 1-2 easy to swallow softgels each time. The fact that it is taken with the three main daily meals makes them easy to remember to consume.

Possible Side Effects

Whilst there are no advertised side effects for Natural Factors CLA Tonalin, it is free of soy, dairy, corn and wheat which would indicate it is safe for people with many allergies. We have not been able to find any customer reviews that share any negative side effects and nothing to confirm whether it is safe to use during pregnancy. Natural Factors state that all consumers should consult a health care professional before taking any weight loss supplement, a disclaimer that covers all ages and medical conditions.


Natural Factors CLA Tonalin can be purchased in bottles containing 60, 90 or 180 softgels. The Natural Factots website does not offer online sales, but consumers can use the ‘where to buy’ function on the website to find a store. We have found it on offer on other online sites, with the price ranging from $20.97 for 90 softgels to $39.17 for a bottle of 180 softgels, making it excellent value.


Natural Factors CLA Tonalin offer no kind of consumer satisfaction guarantee that we could find, leading us to question how effective the product is. There are several positive reviews for the product, but most do not offer comments, instead only a star rating based on satisfaction.


Natural Factors CLA Tonalin is extremely cost effective and the fact that you can purchase one bottle that could last almost two months is a benefit. It offers natural ingredients, but the lack of information regarding side effects and any form of guarantee could lead to some apprehension and confidence in the product.

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